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  • CF NA/EU Vip

    We have brought back our CF NA/EU Vip, Its been a long time since we have been in the game but seems we should have never left.

    Menu Features:
    • Name Esp- Draw Player Names
    • Health Esp - Draw Player HealthBar
    • Wep Esp - Draw Player Weapon
    • Box Esp - Draw a Box around the Player
    • Skeleton Esp - Draw the player Bones
    • D3D Chams - Player Chameleon
    • D3D Radar - Draw enemy on the Radar
    • D3D Crosshairs - 5 Sprite Crosshairs to choose
    • Aimbot - Aim at enemy -- NO SPIN (we have fixed our aimbot so you do not spin when aiming at an enemy)
    • AimKey - Set the hotkey to Aim
    • AimBone - Set the Bone to hit
    • AimFOV - Set the FOV angle to limit the aimbot
    • Aim Visible - this option is auto on
    • Aim Warning - lets you know if an enemy is aiming at you
    • No Recoil - removes recoil
    • No Spread - removes spread
    • No Fall Damage - Won't die when you fall
    • No Grenade Damage - Won't die when grenade lands near you
    • No Fire Delay- Removed Gatlin gun delay
    • Instant Reload- Instantly reloads ammo
    • Anti Flash - Removes FlashBang Screen Effect
    • Anti AFK - Won't get kicked for being away ingame
    • Rapid Knife - Makes Knife and Mutant swing faster
    • Show Ghosts - Shows the Ghosts body
    • ColorTool - Change the colors of Enemy or Team Esp, and also Change colors of the Player Chams.
    • Draw Fps - Draw your current FPS Rate
    • Move Menu - Move the menu
    • Save Menu - Save the Menu
    Last edited by Luda; 03-27-2016, 12:06 AM.
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    CF NA back at last!!!
    Great job Cobra!!!!
    You are the man!


    • #3

      Very well done bro about time


      • #4

        Bringing back the classics! Thanks cobra.


        • #5

          hmmm i have to download CFNA to play this game...thank you sir...


          • #6

            Nup If i can download PH CF, I will create the vip for it also.


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              Originally posted by Luda View Post
              Nup If i can download PH CF, I will create the vip for it also.
              thanks for the info sir....


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                CF PH coming back too
                cobra is the MAN


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