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Forum Rules
General Rules


Do Not Post, Warez, Porn, Phished accounts, or Advertising (Links to other sites).
If we see this happening it will result in automatic ban vip or not.
Do Not run any .dat, .exe file given to you via private message from unknown person. If it did not get posted in the forums, it is fake do not run them.
We will never pm you a add-on to the d3d. It will always be in the vip download section. Please report anything unusual to a admin or mod
Chatbox is for Chit Chat ONLY! Do expect to be removed from viewing it, if you break the rules of the chatbox.

General Rules of posting:

No flaming, flaming any user will not be tolerated, it is completely unacceptable, people can be easily offended by this.
Do not post other people's Mods or trainers without the permission of the creator or give the credits to the creator otherwise it will be removed without warning.
No double posting because this can lead to spam which is not allowed, if you double post by mistake you can click edit and delete the post yourself.
Do not bump old threads. This rule is to maintain order around the forums, by bumping old threads it mixes up forums with old topics, Mods etc, threads die for a reason so just leave them be.
Do not post "thanks for this" in a thread. Use the Thanks button instead, otherwise you will just be spamming.
Do not go off-topic in a thread. It's pointless to make a thread about something if it's just going to go off-topic. Either stick to the thread or don't post at all.
Do not abuse the Chatbox. This means don't spam, and/or post bugs about Mods in the Chatbox
Do not spam/abuse any other member via e-mail or Private Messages.
Pick your forum username wisely, WE DO NOT change member usernames. Please do not ask.
We also recommend NOT using your real name in your forum username

Chatbox rules:

No warez links
No porn links
No spamming
No flaming/arguing
No begging
No advertising
No complaining
No posting of any offensive pictures/videos


You may not share your VIP Account with anybody.
If you make a purchase you MAY NOT ask for a refund!!!!!!!!!
If you claim a dispute or chargeback, you will be banned from VIPMODZ. We will ban your accounts and your keys. Forever
Be sure you know what you are purchasing from our website before actually making the purchase.
If you Leech VIPMODZ's Vip Cheats you will loose VIP and or ban from this website.
You are not allowed to sell, Vip ANY accounts to ANYONE!!
Vip accounts can only be bought at www.vipmodz.com
Trainers/mods may be buggy or not fully functional. In that case they will be fixed as soon as possible.
Trainers may lose or gain features at any time during your subscription
VIPMODZ is not responsible for any hardware bans, game bans, kicks, etc.
Use Game cheats is at your risk of being banned.
Always check for an update.
Rules and regulations may change without notice
Respect VIPMODZ site and members.
Switching VIP is NOT allowed. Please do not ask.

For breaking above rules you may be warned/banned appropriately!

 I have read, and agree to abide by the Vip Modz Forums rules.