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What is a Keylogger

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  • What is a Keylogger

    Whether it is called a keylogger, spyware or monitoring software, it can be the equivalent of digital surveillance, revealing every click and touch, every download and conversation.
    A keylogger (short for keystroke logger) is software that tracks or logs the keys struck on your keyboard, typically in a covert manner so that you don’t know that your actions are being monitored. This is usually done with malicious intent to collect your account information, credit card numbers, user names, passwords, and other private data.
    Legitimate uses do exist for keyloggers. Parents can monitor their children’s online activity or law enforcement may use it to analyze and track incidents linked to the use of personal computers, and employers can make sure their employees are working instead of surfing the web all day.
    Nevertheless, keyloggers can pose a serious threat to users, as they can be used to intercept passwords and other confidential information entered via the keyboard. As a result, cybercriminals can get PIN codes and account numbers for your financial accounts, passwords to your email and social networking accounts and then use this information to take your money, steal your identity and possibly extort information and money from your friends and family.
    How would I get a keylogger?
    Keyloggers spread in much the same way that other malicious programs spread. Excluding cases where keyloggers are purchased and installed by a jealous spouse or partner, and the use of keyloggers by security services, keyloggers are installed on your system when you open a file attachment that you received via email, text message, P2P networks, instant message or social networks. Keyloggers can also be installed just by you visiting a website if that site is infected.
    How do you detect a keylogger?
    Keyloggers are tricky to detect. Some signs that you may have a keylogger on your device include: slower performance when web browsing, your mouse or keystrokes pause or don’t show up onscreen as what you are actually typing or if you receive error screens when loading graphics or web pages.
    What can you do to protect yourself?
    Use caution when opening attachments – files received via email, P2P networks, chat, social networks, or even text messages (for mobile devices) can be embedded with malicious software that has a keylogger.
    Watch your passwords

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    well !
    being a hacker !
    i have much experience which i can tell you if you have AVIRA ANTIVIRUS ( updated ) and always working fire wall !
    there's no hacker can hack your pc !
    but there's crypt programs but really avira is the most working defense for these hackers and it's the hardest !


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      Well bro my cousin is a CEH he finds it realy easy lol


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        let me meet him then xD


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          Good guide!
          If you need support contact me on ******** or through private message:
          ******** : https://www.********.com/luca.filippi82


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            teşekürler admin


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              Anti virus? Lame. When you are dealing with a new hacker that takes a public keylogger source to create his own. Then yes your anti virus will detect it. Even while crypting the file. Since its pubic they just make a few segments detection of parts of the code and tadaa. While coding your own keylogger, everything is new and freshly writen. No anti virus will be able to detect it. Except if you are using dumb methods to do the actions. I and some friends back in 2008 coded one. Nothing could detect it. We we're selling programmes with the keylogger inside implemented. For about 1 year. The list got quite big. About 300k people infected and stayed alive till 2011 until we decided to terminate the dedicated server and our own dedication to it. The files still exist and are still at our will even now. The server still exist somewhere in Korea. It's paid until 2025.


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