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Infections, malware, virus, backdoors, etc - How to remove

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  • Infections, malware, virus, backdoors, etc - How to remove

    So you might have ran a bad program or visited a website that was infected and your not sure if your pc has been infected also. Pc working slow, or certain programs not working. You are probably infected.

    There are many programs that can clean up your pc for you, but which ones are safe and really clean up your pc the right way. I have researched this and always keep my pc clean as you never know with the internet what can infect your pc.

    MalwareBytes is a good free program, that will scan your pc and all windows files etc, it will generate a list of infected items if you have any and show you what to do with them.

    Here is the download.

    Once you have ran a scan, you will be asked to clean/ remove the bad files and restart your pc. Once you restart it will remove these files from the pc and your done.
    Simple eh??

    It is best to run a scan every so often to be sure nothing got into your pc, there's no better feeling than having that piece of mind that your pc is clean and safe to use for CC purchases, or even web browsing, or whatever it is you do with your pc. I see too many pc's infected anymore from free hacks and other malicious programs.

    Hope this helps you with your pc and to understand what is running on your pc in the background, that you are unaware of.

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    A good indicator that something may be wrong is pc slows down
    Internet explorer web browser acts funny, or will not open.
    Throws error message when trying to use IE explorer.


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      Thanks Luda. i am scanning my pc right now


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