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I got banned with every hack i use :S

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  • I got banned with every hack i use :S

    I have tested hacks before, but i get always banned after i login.
    I have only tested it with my low accounts.
    So can you tell me what to do, that i dont get banned when i login to crossfire when i activated a hack ?

    I hope you can help me, because if that dont work i wont buy the VIP.

    - sorry for my bad english
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    Welcome To VIPModz
    I'm Playing With Hacks Since 5 years
    I got banned just because the speed hack
    So You Can Use the Hack with out let any one knows that you are a hacker
    you should not look to the walls
    You Play Like you do not know where the players are
    Every hack Mean Banned
    but there's a way you can play with the hack with out get banned
    just be normal do not rush and kill every one ,,


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      No that was not my question.

      I get banned with other hacks that are undetected when i login.
      So i never hacked before.

      I want the VIP, but when it will be the same with ban instantly i want to know what to do :S


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        Our Hack Does Not get detected .
        When the Game do update , the hack do not work till Luda [ THE CODER ] Update it , to its safe


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          You are not vip.
          Our vips are not the same as publics.
          With any hack you run the risk of a ban
          since anyone can report you and they will ban.
          Our vip is different than any free public hack, that probably comes with a free virus in it too
          Do not trust any free public. It's free for a reason


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            Its a free hack for a reason.... usually the people that post the free hack do not update it or remove the hack when it gets patch leading to your account getting banned.... but if you purchase vips from vipmods. Rest a sure that we have early detections on our hacks we test them for any problems and give the information that we find to the coder.. and say the hack is detected the hack will say detected and wont allow you to use the hacks until it is updated...
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