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to all PH members please read this

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  • to all PH members please read this

    in case you are wondering what happened to PH VIPs here are the explanations:

    one member here (also a filipino, what a shame) bought as many as VIP as he can, using also multiple accounts here at our site. being careless, we found out that he is re-selling the products (vip) of which is prohibited. if you want to know the whole "entrapment", you may look here

    now Luda decided to stop the selling of PH games VIP products because of the mess this guy did. banned all the accounts connected to him, and still in pursuit of other account/s he may have here in our community.

    now i post this thread also for you guys (especially new PH members) who wanted to return the sales of PH VIPs. be aware that he still have some accounts here (and i think he is lurking now and can read this also), tell your friends and all those who wanted to have VIPs that buying from him (tstsilence/edwin/jonald) is ILLEGAL. he is a scammer, his modus:

    he is using this ******** pages (as of now):
    fb page 1
    fb page 2
    phone number used for transactions: +639488369373

    you may be attracted to his "re-selling" price because it is lower than the original price here at vmods.

    vmods price : $10.00 (about Php 400.00) per 30 days
    jonald's price: Php 500.00 (about $12.00) per 180 days

    now why is he re-selling the VIPs at a lower price? how can he gain profit out of it?

    1. he will sell you the account (username and password) which is subscribed here at vmods vip
    2. then the second owner (buyer/victim) will have the vip
    3. he (jonald) then will make a dispute (re-claim his paid money from paypal)
    4. he re-gain his money ($10.00, paypal) and he is also paid by the victim (Php 500.00)
    5. now the poor victim will complain here at our website that why my guid is blocked, why is this blah blah, and so on

    now its up to you guys (new PH members) if you wanna buy the "lower price" "re-sale" VIP, then take the risk. but of course, i would suggest to


    buying from the real

    1. You will not lose your money
    2. You will not be scammed

    I remember one of his reason of re-selling, he said that he is buying lots of vips for those kids who wanted to use the hack but doesn't have any credit cards. but this poor kids will pay their money for nothing. Imagine, why will you use your own credit card then re-sell something you buy for a cheaper price?

    Let us help each other to re-gain the sale of PH games VIP! So guys, please help us also catch this filthy scammer. he is somewhere in Tatalon Quezon City
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    I knew this would be a problem the first time I saw the complain about him.. He is fooling those people telling them that the vip he is selling is good for "6 months"..
    Anyway, he's banned now.. I hope he's other accounts get caught fast too..

    Let this incident serve as a warning to all those who are planning to use vModz to scam people and to gain profit for themselves..


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      He have a 3rd account on fb name: salamander accforsale tupaz...he is selling again vip acct he said on fb page he reset a guid so that he can use hacks or sell it...if i can post my photo or screen shot here il post it...


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        Thats why ive wait almost a month to activate may account here because this is the only one that i trusted hacks...still a dxtmember dxt family...and when my vip expired im still wait to have a buying pb vip even it takes long...


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          upon tracing and some luck,

          tstsilence the scammer, the culprit who made our (filipinos) image here at vmods dirty is

          Jonald Siose Perolino

          my credibility is at stake here, but i am 100% sure that he is the one.

          guys, specially my fellow filipinos, you know what to do with this scumbag.

          CFPH ign: _bUzZLight_ and/or CM*bUzZLight
          CFPH clan: CASHOUT
          (but this is 50% sure only, i have to verify it.)


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            I am so sorry to all this is effecting.
            I do not wish to make you all suffer for one guy.
            I am not ready to allow PH payments yet.
            We do have resellers, for different regions
            Most resellers I talk to daily and I love them alot.
            They help vModz and we help them hand in hand
            Resellers are helpful, but scammers are NOT
            This tstsilence is scammer, and should not be trusted.


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              like ive told him before, he should ask for permission to re-sell, but he has his own way of selling (which is scamming) to those poor kids.


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                its a greate idea !
                kasi ung iba pinag kakakitaan ung VIP

                Kumabaga mas pinapataas nila ung price sa ibang tao at ibebenta ung account nila xD
                wƎ ɒЯɘ lɘᎮion
                wƎ ɒЯɘ ʜAɔʞƸЯ
                wƎ ɒЯɘ ɒИonyMouƨ



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