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    In the blink of an eye your whole life can change
    You can go from good to bad, and bad to good
    Life will send you on an emotional range
    leaving you feeling high and low moods

    Always be true to yourself.
    Let your light shine through,
    do not depend on others for strength
    dig deep and find what makes you who you are
    and show to the world.
    Believe in yourself, when the world turns it's back on you
    Never turn your back on the world.

    Be strong in the face of danger, and be proud of what makes you great.
    We are all special and different in our own ways, but we still eat, sleep, and breath like everyone else
    around the world. No one person the better than the next. Never be bullied by a bully.
    Stand up for what is right, and fight for what you want.
    In this life and the next!!!!!

    thoughts of the day to chew on ~ HM (Hot Mommy)
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    Are you feeling ok


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      me, feeling fine
      just stating somethings I think about!!!
      I am s survivor and a fighter for what is right and true


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        True true dat


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          True ahah :P


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