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    Tell the group something you admire about the person above you, what you imagine the person would be arrested for, what's in the person's pocket, rate the person's avatar or screen name, say whether you would kiss or shake hands with the person, say what the person was voted "most likely to" do, what you would say if you woke up in bed beside the person, etc.


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    ^ is secretly black and amazing at hide in seek , tips in the dark make him smile !


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      HImura has a pocket full of cash, but got arrested for littering money in a mall.


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        Luda, got arrested for wheeling his street bike, in front of the police station. In his pockets, he had a gram of weed, some loose money, and his cell phone. He was talking crap to the cop, so the pig shoved him to the ground, then took his bike.
        Luda called his goons, to track down his street bike. little did he know them dirty cops, took it to the chop shop and strip and sold it for mega millions, since it was owned by the Snake!! TO be continued ....
        Nothing read here is meant to be real,
        playing the story game
        HAHA, nice white Boy
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          She would be arrested for a speed ticket And when cops would ask for her ID she would not be able to because of her helmet.

          About her screen name... well she probably know already by I think that HotMommy was better :P

          What would I say if I wake up beside this person? Hmmmm depend what happened last night hehe


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            Devil_Qc is a walking down the street towards the intersection, he sees a crime take place. The man who just took the old ladies purse, is running right at him. He sticks out his arm and knocks the guy down, then Devil checks the guys pockets
            HE finds old candy wrappers and a phone number that reads (684) 363 4675 call for a good time. Devil sticks the number in his pocket and proceeds to kick the guys ass who took the purse. The cops come and the man is taken away, Devil is fined for beating up the guy, and the old lady is forever indebted to him. His good deed is done


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              Is ludas ride or die chick oh snap!


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                The person above me would be arrest for showing his wiener in public.


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                  hello FIRESHOT VİP İSTEK VAR :?


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                    ^would get a more serious answer in the non spam section lmao


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                      Originally posted by Himura View Post
                      ^would get a more serious answer in the non spam section lmao
                      He would get arrested for drinking instant coffee


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                        the person above me is working on his post count :P


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                          The person above me also work on her post count


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                            Originally posted by Devil_Qc View Post
                            The person above me also work on her post count
                            to worried about post count :P


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