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Vipmods is Looking for New Staff

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  • Vipmods is Looking for New Staff

    We are looking to hire more staff to help out on the forums, we need supporters, moderators, gfx crew and video makers. If you are wanting a spot on vipmods staff and are good with running our program or video making, we are interested in you.

    we need 2 supporters for each region we support.
    Philippines, Turkey, Italian, Brasil, and others.

    Video makers and gfx we would like to see what you can do, send us some of your work and you will get a staff spot with us.

    please help us make our site grow, with your help. we offer free vip for our staff. All we ask from you is your participate on the forums daily or at least be active enough to help members.

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    Also we need games spammers
    to let people know that there is an existence for this great forum


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