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District 187 Vip coming soon!

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  • District 187 Vip coming soon!

    The Title says is all!!!

    We have a new vip to offer to our members, vModz D187 Vip. We are currently finishing up with the Vip and will be out for sale soon. All Vip can try it out while its CBT (Closed Beta Testing)

    D187 Vip Menu Options:
    Player Chams -- Colors the players
    Player Name Esp -- Draw Player Names
    Player Distance Esp -- Draw Player Distance from you
    Player Ping Esp -- Draw Player Ping Status
    Player Box Esp -- Draw a Box Around the player
    Box Style ( 2 to choose )

    Aimbot -- Aim At Enemy Targets
    AimBone -- Aim At Head/Chest Bone
    AimKey -- Aimbot Hotkey
    Visible Check -- Aim At Visible targets Only

    Draw FPS -- Draw Frames per Second and Time
    Draw XHairs -- Draw 5-6 Different Crosshairs
    SpeedHack/WTW -- Player speed increase/ and walk through walls
    Super Jump -- Jump High or hold down space to increase height
    No Scope -- Remove Most Sniper Scope Overlays
    No Sky -- Remove the Sky Texture for better FPS
    No Recoil -- Remove Weapon Recoil
    No Sway -- Remove Weapon Sway
    No Gravity -- Remove Player Gravity

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    Thats awesome! Good job Luda!


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      great Job!!!
      I can not wait for something new by you
      Luda the man!!!


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        good work


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          Awesome ... I made a video intro for this check it out .


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            when launching the new version


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              the .vipmods. is work now?


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                Nice killbyme
                I think it will be a hit
                Release is coming soon.


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                  The District 187 Beta is out. if you are vip give it a try, let me know what you think of it. There is more to come and bugs will get fixed, if any are found.


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                    Game Path not found! Version check skipped

                    This is what log says


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                      humm did you download a new loader from the site?


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                        i download new before i use it

                        i doesn't say "checking game version"


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                          getting Luda to check the new release


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                            lol in point blank tahadi dont have the speed hack fly hack and quick change...

                            lol nice but in pb dont have the Draw FPS Draw XHairs SpeedHack/WTW Super Jump No Scope No Sky No Recoil No Sway No Gravity x.x

                            lol nice but in pb dont have the Draw FPS Draw XHairs SpeedHack/WTW Super Jump No Scope No Sky No Recoil No Sway No Gravity x.x[/QUOTE]

                            lol wow spam -.- how i can delete it?
                            Last edited by Bryan13; 04-10-2013, 09:02 AM.


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                              oyun açmıyor geçenlerde açtım oynadım hile çok güzeldş kullandım biraz fakat şimdide oyun açmıyor


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