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    vModz News Update!

    [vModz Forum Updates]
    We have installed a new Forum Theme/Skin, There will be a poll to see how many like the new look soon.
    Also we have new staff members, GFX-IMPLENT and MOD-ShadowExternal. Congrats on your staff positions guys!!

    New Payment options coming soon, PaymentWall is now offering other payment gateways to use within there system and we are just awaiting for them to become active.

    [vModz Loader Updates]
    Our vModz Loader has some minor improvements to keep our products working hassle free and easy to use.
    PointBlank Thailand Garena has been added to our Vip GameList. If you are a new THG Vip - Welcome to our fourms, please be sure to introduce yourself and say Hi.
    We are working on newer games to give you more to play with, and newer features for the PointBlank Vip's.

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    Skin is awesome!!
    Congrats to the new hires.


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      Bu Özellikler Uçma Hızlı koşma Zıplama Bu Özellikler Point Blank TR de Olacak mı ? YadaNe Zaman Çıkacak ? Şuan Kullandıgımız Vip Hilemizi Üzerine mi Eklenecekn yoksa ayrı vip mi çıkacak bilgi verin teşekür ederim. iyi günler.


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        good job, i hope more and more members can join us


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          This post is old
          I will update with something new
          DO not post support threads here!!
          Please use the support sections


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