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  • Welcome to Vmods

    We hope everyone is enjoying the new things we are doing.
    We are glad to see all the friendly faces again.
    We ask you to help our site grow. Tell your most trusted friends!!

    We are announcing Point Blank & Project Blackout!!!
    If you had a PB or CF subscription at Dxt and want that again, you are going to love this place.

    We will support every version except Brazilian. If you want the BR PB please message an Administrator.
    Brazilian members are welcome here. But just that we do not support BR PB here.

    Menu Options: PB's

    Name Esp > show the enemy or team name
    Health Esp > show the enemy or team Health
    Weapon Esp > show the enemy or team Weapon
    Box Esp > draw a box around the enemy or team
    Grenade Esp > draw grenade esp
    Aimbot > turn on aimbot
    AimKey > set aimbot hotkey
    AimFOV > Set to 90 / 180 >>NEW Feature !!!
    Aimbone > set the bone to aim
    Draw FPS > draws your fps counter to screen
    Aim Warming > shows if an enemy is aiming at you
    No Recoil > remove the weapon recoil
    No Spread > remove the weapon spread
    Move Menu > move the menu position
    Save Menu > save the menu settings

    Thanks for taking the time to visit our new board.

    VModz Staff Team.
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    Thank You For Your Efforts


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      Hello my beautiful family

      Thank you so much for everything admin


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        Well im just glad u guys are expandin the community once again xD


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          please a little explnation about aimfov ... dont understand


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            Originally posted by cgtyhan View Post
            please a little explnation about aimfov ... dont understand
            You Can Kill From 90 to 180 Degrees . That's Mean More Kills In All Sides in Map : ) with it there's no one will stay alive


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