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    Hello members,

    This thread is to introduce the changes we are making to staff!!!

    Admins - lead staff members. We control the forums. We help the other staff support the members. We code the hacks, we fix the payments, we support the members, and we listen to our members, we fix what is broken. We also expect the other staff and members to let us know when they have problems, and the site or the hacks have problems. We can answer payment questions and give extensions when needed. We are building relationships with members and playing games daily.

    SuperModerator - They are here to do all around forum support and modding the forums. They should be assisting the support staff, when they get stuck or can not fix the member. They are also responsible for closing threads, moving threads to correct sections, and making sure admins know of any problems and or bug fixes. They are playing games and building relationships with members daily.

    Moderators - They moderate the forums by assigned sections. They are also helping members and playing the games and reporting bugs, and changes needed. They are assisting the supporters with member problems, and playing games daily and building relationships with members.

    Supporters - They are the first point of contact if you need help with your products. They should be friendly and helpful, and be able to support your every need. Some of them may be able to mod the forums per assigned section. They will also be able to report problems to the senior staff members, and play games with members and or other staff daily.

    Video Makers - They are basically our media team. They should be making videos with our tricks. They will produce high quality videos, showcasing our awesome tricks. They will also support members when needed, report to admins about problems, and play with the members when they can. Their main jobs are to give the websites some publicity and make our tricks stand out above the rest. They should be friendly and helpful.

    GFX - They make our graphics. They are always coming up with new items for the site. They create our menu backgrounds, and avatars and anything else we ask of them. If the member requests something from them, they should make it also if it is reasonable and easy. They do know how to support, and they should also be reporting bug fixes and problems when found.

    Trusted Members - These guys are very important people to vipmods. They are not quite staff members yet, but they will help you. They do report bug fixes, and know the ins and outs of the site. Most of them are in constant contact with Cobra or myself. Some are even resellers, where you can trust them with your payments. If you can not use our payment systems you can pay them if you are in their region and they will then pay us with your funds making our tricks accessible to you. These guys are earning their way into a staff spot and are highly respected on the site, just as staff.
    Now for a staff rundown so everyone knows who is here to help, and their roles.

    Cobra - coder / boss
    Elektra - payments / customer service
    killbyme - PH mod / supporter
    andreia55 - TR mod / supporter
    Mina95 - TH mod / supporter
    Anonymous - NA mod / supporter
    Fornax - TR supporter - New Staff member
    chispacchiue99 - IT supporter
    soulstalker - video maker
    13muertes - GFX
    IMPLENT- GFX - AFK lately

    Trusted Members:
    EzjPimp - pimpin' ain't easy - Old friend
    Roverspike - old friend - old Dxter
    13muertes - old Dxter - gfx
    monsterm1 - Trusted Reseller
    n0n-phyxion - old Dxter
    Whiteboy - old Dxter
    Zanza - Old Dxter

    So as you can see we are lacking some supporters!!! We need them every day. Please apply for staff if you think you can be useful and helpful to the site.
    Welcome to the new staff members. Let's hope we have some fun in games and work to make the forums more active and fun once again.
    Remember to always be respectful here, if you want respect back. Happy hackin' and fun days ahead!!! If I forgot anyone please let me know!!!
    Last edited by Elektra; 10-12-2015, 03:43 PM.
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    Congratulations Duncan :-)


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      Originally posted by smile
      Congratz @DarkForce!!!!
      Originally posted by DaMVP View Post
      Congratulations Duncan :-)
      Thanks Hope to have a video out later tonight.


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        Congrats Duncan


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          Hiring thread is still open
          We are in need of supporters, moderators, GFX !!!
          We are looking to be well staff to support our growing forums.
          We want to bring back the game nights, and fun times that everyone loved about Dxt!!!!!


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            Congrats Duncan. Remember your old vids from the Dxt days excited to see some new ones


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