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  • Win free Vip Here!!

    Good day everyone !!
    I hope this message finds you well and ready to have some fun.

    As the title says: WIN VIP HERE !!

    We are hosting daily random contests to give free vip to our members.
    In these contests, we will be giving one, two and three subs to all the games.
    This will include CF, D187 and PB all versions.

    The contest will require you to spend some time looking around the forums and be active.
    You have to know the "keyword given"
    and be among the first to respond with the right word to receive a prize.

    ** The award will be decided by myself and will depend on your status as a member of this site.
    The member more active you are, the more chance you have to win a better prize.

    What you should know if you want to win:

    1. Where to find the keyword daily.
    2 . How to post the keyword daily in the correct section.
    3 . Be an active member to get a better level of awards.
    4 . Always pass on the contests for other friends!!

    When will the keyword be given and for how long:

    1. We will give 3-5 keywords per day for 7-10 days, depending on the turn out for the contest
    2 . The keywords will be posted somewhere in the forums or on ********.

    How do I get the prize:

    1. You will have to create a thread or post in the " Post code here " with a title of " I know that the keyword of the day " Then post the keyword given
    2. The first 5 people to send the correct key word in the format listed above will be the winners
    3. If you do not post in the section and in the correct format, it will not count and you will not win.
    4. You should make your own topic!!!
    5. Prize will not be counted if you simply answer the topic of someone else.
    6. After reviewing the posts, we will close the topic and assign the prize to the winners.

    Things I should know before I enter:
    1. You can not choose your prize (we choose your prize based on their role in our community forums)
    2 . You will not know the award will be given until you have won.
    3 . Do not ask to change the award given, we will not change it.

    Be on the look out for the first keyword that comes out later tonight !

    Good Luck and tell your friends to join
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    Interesting Event It will be Popular soon


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      Very cool and you will see the extent of the interaction of members
      I'm Very Amused In This Hack




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        First key word has been released on vModz ********
        Be 1 of the first 5 to repost it here on forums to win!!!
        To see the vModz ******** you must like the page, or be a friend
        Good luck
        if you miss this chance there will be plenty more


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          good , when the second keyword will come out ?

          i cant wait any more longer


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            Sounds very good


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              Good luck
              ilove vipmods


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                Is the word *******, I wanna win sooo bad! hahaaahah


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