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Let's see your best videos

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  • Let's see your best videos

    So we all know there are plenty of videos on youtube
    but I do not find many with vipmods
    I would like to change this

    I would like to see some videos of our products in action!!!
    They do not have to be long, or have music

    I just want to help spread our name as many other sites do

    I would like to see more new members register, and enjoy our gaming experiences as we all do.
    I can not do this alone, I need the help of you members and staff

    Cobra has added a public, recently and also is adding new things to our vips
    It would be very helpful, if we could show our support by helping advertise his products

    If you are a public user, and you showcase the publics as a show of good faith you could be awarded some vip time
    or even a video maker spot on staff

    If you are vip user, and you showcase the vip hacks, well we will extend your vip time, and possibly rank you up to a video maker
    or support member

    We would like to see a real effort, by our members in advancing the sites name, before we just place you on staff.
    As we all know, it only takes 1 bad apple to spoil everything.
    So, we try to select people very wisely and slowly.

    When you post your videos, please also link them here
    for us all to see, and comment on

    again calling anyone who wants to earn some extra vip time, or some rep on the forums

    or any up for a little ownage footage and fun!!
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    Good luck to us all


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        Nice Video, I need to fix warface Vip. I miss playing that game!


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          Ya its a funn game


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            Ill go ahead and redownload sony vegas :3 and downloading pb now :3

            Here are some memories for the time being lol.





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