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A Free VIP Day For WarFace

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  • A Free VIP Day For WarFace

    Ok vMods I get asked this over and over again if new members can try the VIP HACK to see if it's all cracked up to be.. Cuss they like it If I can recruit‎ some new members will VMODS put up A FREE 1 day VIP...
    But user must have over 10 posts with no SPAM.. What ya think ya or na...

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    humm, depends really

    allowing them to try for 1 day brings trouble.
    they could try to harm the files since they have it free for 24 hours
    for 1, they can just take the files and turn them into the game maker
    they can pass the files to someone else and that person could try to do harm to the files
    I would say its something
    that you pay for a reason
    It would be nice to have videos showing the hack features and all the loader tricks cobra has added
    to make our product so great

    a video of a working product goes a long way

    now if you could get the guys to join your clan and be active on the board
    maybe cobra would allow it
    they would have to be an active member
    posting and being involved within our site
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      Well it's a start I will see if I can put something together with clan and active members thank you for ur reply
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        sure welcome


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